UKRAGRO TRADE SA – new trading structure in modern realities

Since February 2022, the food market of Ukraine has changed.
In March 2022, a new trading structure UKRAGRO TRADE SA was registered (No. CHE-213.642.396, 03/09/2022) and started operating.

The mission of the company is to provide international markets with grains, oil seeds,
sunflower oil and baby food products produced in Ukraine.
It is planned that the main suppliers will be the Dnipro Agro Group of companies (grain, rapeseed, sunflower seeds), the straw oil extraction plant (sunflower oil) and the baby food plant.
All manufacturers are well-known participants in the Ukrainian food market.

UKRAGRO TRADE SA intends to take a significant share of the trading operations market and plans to expand the number of suppliers (partners) of high-quality Ukrainian products.
Optimization of the trading process in the current conditions of the food market will play a key role.
The company looks to the future with confidence, based on knowledge and experience in the organization of logistics, financing and trading processes.